Control System

One loop controller

Using a few Single loop controllers is excellent in cost performance for building a measurefewmnet and control system with a few items.


  • Our recommendation: The mk-750 series controller by ASR(Automatic System research Co.,Ltd.)
  • Controller(pH, DO, Anti-foamin and etc)  available
  • A box for mounting the controllers and peristaltic pumps available

Bioprocess controller D

Integrated desk top instrumentation system for small size fermentor's measurement, control and networking.


  • 7 inch color graphic touch panel for good visibility and operability
  • Factory equipped with thermal mass flow meter for precise control of air flow rate
  • Applicable to both top entry driving and bottom enntry stirring system
  • Flexible arrangement of fermentor vessel from the controller
  • The same kind of performance as large scale fermentor
  • Kinds of feeding control mode such as pH stat, DO stat, time driven control and so on

Bioprocess controller P

Integrated system of supervisory control for not only fermentor but another up/down stream equipment including sequential control(e.g. SIP), analog loops' control and alarming


  • Graphic Touch Panel(more than 10 inch size) used as MMI(Man Machine Interface) for easy operation
  • Menu-driven operation for the necessary monitoring and procedures(e.g. switching, setting, etc)
  • Ready to customize the MMI by discussion to meet the demand of your bioprocess control
  • バイオプロセスコントローラーP
  • バイオプロセスコントローラーP


パソコンで培養を監視、制御、記録、解析することが可能なソフトウェア(Ferm Expert)です。


  • 制御コントローラーとPCの相互通信可能
  • CSVファイルとして出力可能
  • 周辺機器の制御、データーロガー可能
  • 培養データのチャート表示機能
  • データ解析に必要な解析ライブラリ搭載
  • 多数基のファーメンターの制御可能


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