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MSJ series: mid sized fermentor for research and development

A mid sized fermentor for multi-purpose;
e.g. seed culture for production scale, harvesting amount of protein, cell mass for research, scaling down test, and determining culture condition for production
Several sizes of fermentor vessel available;10, 20, 30, 50, 70 and 90L


  • Graphic touch panel for easy to follow operation.
  • The necessary operating procedures automated for fermentor operation.
    e.g sterilization with lived steam, sampling, harvesting/transfer to the next process and simple washing

  • All manual handling system for fermentor opeartion available accroding to the customer's request
  • Basic control items to keep the desired set point :Temperature, agitation speed
  • Optional items for measurement and/or control:pH, DO, anti-foaming, air flow rate,etc.
  • バイオプロセスコントローラーP
  • バイオプロセスコントローラーP

MPF series: Large scale Fermentor for industriakization test

We're ready to build customized fermentor and your bioprocess system based on our MPF sreies fermentor from design to manufacturing.
We have had abundant experiences for various kinds of culture object. (e.g. microbes, mammalian cells, DNA recombinant and so on)


Various sizes of fermentor vessel available from 100 liters to 10 kilo liters(Nominal Capacity).Furthermore we can design and manufacture the vessel size over 10 kilo liters at your request.
Sterilization in place with livied steam blowing into the  vessel and its jacket.
Top or bottom entry dirivng is available for agitation system according to the situation(e.g. culture object, height of ceiling)   Decided through discussion between the customer and us.
Both agitation system adopts mechanical seal technology for agitator shaft seal.
Instrumentation system will be built through discussions about measurement and control items, process automation system, alarming system. We are able to meet your multifarious demands for total system including hardware and software. Please feel free to contact us
工業試験用培養装置 MPFシリーズ

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