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Autoclavable small scale fermentor/bioreactor

Small scale fermentor alternative of flask suitable for multi-condition examining


Fermentor vessel made of reinforced glass and stainless steel
Bottom drive stirring:100-1000rpm(Max.)
Control items:Temperature, stirring speed, air flow rate, pH, DO

  Temperature Heating by bottom end plate
  Stirring Not only set point control but also cascade control from DO control loop
  Air flow rate 0.03~1.0L/min
  pH Additives' feeding with peristaltic pump(5.3ml/min)
  DO controllable by cascading over stirring speed or air flow rate change

Measurement item:temperature, stirrng speed, air flow rate(fixed) and another two items' selection from pH, DO, foam, ORP, turbidity and feed
Temperature control range:10 degree C above supplied water - 50 degree C


■Fermenot vessel itself is commonly used for Bioneer-Neo series and MDL series.

■Several sizes of vessel are available. Please inquire to us about your desired size.(The photo shows 500ml vessel.)





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