Technologies used

Stirring impeller

We're ready to propose the suitable type of impeller for culture process.Contact us for detail.


  • Various types of stirring impeller suited to each culture process
  • Ready to make an original impeller for trial
  • Stirring impeller for demonstration available

Aeration device

We're ready to propose the suitable type of aeration device for each culture process.
Contact us for detail.


Ring sparger is a versatile aeration device used as the standard. Another types of aeration device;

  • simple single nozzle sparger for versatile use
  • micro sparger (for animal cell culture)
  • multi-porous PTFE tube (for animal cell culture)
  • filter sparger(for airlift fermentor)

Countermeasures against Biohazard

Some countermeasures are needed for a culture process of biohazard using DNA recombinant or pathogenic microbes.
The following techniques are adopted for containment and sterilization.


  • Exit gas sterilization by filtration
  • Taking sample by closed system
  • Stirring shaft seal by double mechanical seal and lubrication by sterile water
  • Separated drain piping only for collecting biohazardous liquid waste
  • Liquid waste sterilization system (kill tank)

*We're ready to design the total system assembly suitable for the fermentors' size and installation site.


Process automation system

All operations needed for every process are automated or semi-automated with using PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) program.
As we can supply not only our own basic package program but also customized one.
Make use of our abundant experience.


  • Process automation system
  • Process automation system
  • A series of valve operating procedure needed for fermentor operation automated
    (e.g. Vessel sterilization, Medium sterilizaton, Seed culture inoculation, Culture,Sampling during culture, Harvesting or Transfer to the next process and Composed of automatic valves, Graphic touch panel, PLC and so on as hardware Usable with 100% relative humidity.

  • Software:standard packaged program and customized one.


Medium feeding system

Accurate control system for supplying fresh meidum and pulling out culture broth with weighning change of medium or substrate


  • Feeding rate controllable according to fermentation elapsed time increase
  • Amount of fed additives solution can be recorded.
Medium feeding system

Mechanical foam breaking system

Suitable for fiercely foaming medium or the culture process where chemical anti-foamer addition is not alloable


  • Applicable for large scale fermentor more than 1000L
  • Generated foam is sucked by the foam breaking impeller with high speed and separated.
Mechanical foam breaking system

Aerated stirring system with high oxygen transfer coefficiency

We're ready to make a proposal of aerated stirring system suitable for your culture.


  • Proposal of suitable aerated stirring system for your culture process
  • Usual aerated stirring sytem may be sometimes not enough for a culture proceess of high oxygen demand.
  • We're ready to talk with you for your suitble aerated stirring system and sometimes prepare a devie for demonstration or trial manufacturing.

We're always ready to have your inquiry
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