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We have a good after-sales, maintenance and repair service system for a customer's convenience.

Periodic inspection / preventive maintenance

We recommend our customers to have a periodic inspection or preventive maintenance once a year to keep the facilities normal condition.

We'll do a series of inspection or maintenance work according to the plan after discussing about the custoemr's request and our plan.


Annual inspection of pressure vessel

Some countries have their own regulation for pressure vessel.

Japan, for example, obligates the owner to have annual inpection for Class 1 pressure vessel.
We'll do a series of work for the customer to have the inspection from preparation to the end according to the customer's request.
Application for an inspection to the inspection authority shall be done by the customer.
It is a usual way to have an annual preventive maintenance and inspection at the same timing as the pressure vessel inspection.


Equipment repair

We have two kinds of repair service system for failed equipments, one is in our factory, the other is at the customer's site.

We sometimes have difficulty to get some major repairing parts for the equipment delivered more than twenty years ago.
In such case, we'd like to make a propsal of renewal for a current model as an alternative plan.


Spare parts selling

Contact our spare parts selling division or sales agent in your country for getting spare parts.


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