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What is used as pH control agent? Also, how about the concentration of that?
Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, etc. are used. Because hydrochloric acid corrodes stainless steel, it can not be used. Sodium hydrooxside is ofen used as alkali. The concentration is 1N to 2N. Ammonia gas and ammonia water may also be used to supplement nitrogen source.
Does the capacity(L) mean whole volume of the fermentor vessel or working volume?
We usualy use whole volume of the vessel to show the capacity. The standard working volume will be 40-60% of whole volume. The upper limit of working volume is based on the motor capacity for the maximum stirring speed under the specified condition using water while the lower limit is based on the liquide level where the tip of electrode soaked enough in the medium.
What kind of chemical is used for anti-foaming?
Oil approved as food additives is usually used.Silicon oil, rapeseed oil, etc.
What works are planned for the standard maintenance?

Our standard plan is described below.

  1. Sensor and instrument calibration
  2. Replacement of conssumable parts(e.g. gasket, parts made of glass, etc.)
  3. Automated valves' on/off action
  4. Running test with water charged in the vessel
What kind of documents will be submitted?

We usually submit the following documents after maintenance work.

  1. Working report
  2. Record of calibration data
  3. Inspection procedure and certificate of calibrated instrument

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