Various kinds or types of fermentor(or bioreactor) are available for general microbes, animal cell, plant cell(tissue), algae and so on.
Besides producing our standaradized fermentor, we usually design and manufacture the other special fermentor in accordance with a customer's request.

  • Small scale fernentor/bioreactor
    Small scale fernentor/bioreactor
    Alternative but more powerful and minimal volume autoclavable fermenotr(100mL, 250mL)
  • Desktop Fermentor
    Desktop Fermentor
    Laboratory fermentor for versatile use, autoclavable, easy to handle.
  • Fermentors sterilization in place
    Fermentors sterilization in place
    We have wide ranges of vessel size 10L to more than 10kL for parallel screening of culture condition, seed culture and pilot/small scale production.


Various kinds of fermentor
Various kinds of fermentor
desktop pressurizable vessel,photobioreator, fermenotr for theromophillic microbes.
Technologies commonly used
Technologies commonly used
Guide to kinds of technologies(stirring impeller, aeration device, containment technoloies for biohazardous microbes and etc.)
Measuring Instrument
Measuring Instrument
Probes for pH, DO, ORP) and exit gas analyzer, turbidity and gas flow rate.
Control System
Control System
Guide to controller/system and software.

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